It’s Good Friday, so of course it’s time for some Amsterdam when thinking about the crucifixion.

I know it’s early in the season, but I do think the Kansas City Royals may have as good a chance of making the playoffs as the Boston Red Sox.  The Royals are up and coming with a great pitching staff and play in the weakest division. The Red Sox are loaded, but there are a number of question marks and they play in arguably the toughest division. I do hope the Royals can break through, if their manager doesn’t keep sending Kyle Farnsworth out in situations that are unfavorable.

It hasn’t even been a week, but I think the MLB Network is one of my favorite things going right now. I love having it on in the background when I’m writing or reading in the evenings.

Really, it’s just great to have baseball back.

I know the Boston Red Sox are on a different playing field with practically every other team in baseball, but they still aren’t the Yankess.

  • Average ticket price – Yankees-$72.92, Red Sox-$52.24
  • Premium seats – Yankees-$510.08, Red Sox-$162.82
  • TMR fan cost index (family of four) – Yankees-$410.88, Red Sox-$326.45
  • Ticket revenue (avg. ticket price x capacity x 81) – Yankees-$309 million, Red Sox-$158 million

For more on MLB ticket prices and cost, click here.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t vote in the mayoral primary this past Tuesday. (Jana and I live in a SID so we aren’t technically in city limits. The neighborhoods to the east, south and west are within city limits.) My vote would’ve helped Jim Vokal. Normally I don’t talk much about who I vote for, but I bring it up here for a few reasons. As much as I wanted Jim Vokal to be the next mayor, I couldn’t understand why he was using more grassroots measures to reach voters. Where was utilizing social media or a blog? He didn’t even have Twitter. (Hal Daub and Jim Suttle had Twitter, even if they used it once every three weeks.) There were ways for him to get his name and positions out there, but he didn’t capitalize. Awhile back I considered contacting the Vokal campaign and offering to help them with their presence on some of these networks. I didn’t because I didn’t really have the time, I didn’t want any conflicts with working at a church, but also I would want my mayor to have the wisdom and insight to realize he needs to utilize these networks to his advantage. He didn’t and I think it is one factor as to why he lost to a polarizing politician and the token Democrat.

Speaking of politics and technology, here is a good article by Meghan McCain on the matter. (click here)

I like the new track on The Office. The show was still funny, but it seemed to have lost some of its luster. The new storyline with Michael Scott starting his own paper company is promising.

Fifteen years since Kurt Cobain killed himself. I liked Nirvana back in the day.  The day the news came out he had killed himself, a friend and I hung out in the Old Market talking about the news with employees and patrons at Dirt Cheap in the Old Market. I know Nevermind was an album that changed music and culture, but I find myself wondering if now Cobain is a tad bit overrated. (This thought deserves a longer post.)

Time to head back to work and put the finishing touches on a busy weekend of services with Good Friday and Easter.

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