Counterfeit is the sermon series right after Easter. I have been working on a tv commercial to promote the series for awhile, but work on it was suspended while we were in deep with our short film production. Once we wrapped on that, it was back to work on the commercial.

The original concept was to use sayings that people incorrectly attribute to Jesus or Christianity. When work picked back up on the commercial we were still going that route, but I had been trying to think of a way to deliver the message. I wanted to utilize the elements from the brand, wood and metal. I was thinking of maybe having an intricately woodburned or carved wall that would have the counterfeit sayings. I did some research on that, and thought it had some potential, but wasn’t completely sold on the idea. I then chatted with Christine, our graphic designer, about some other ideas.

Christine had designed the sermon series brand and I thought she would have some good insight. We talked through a number of possibilities that used the metal and wood concept of the brand. When we met as a team, Christine and I shared about those ideas and we knew we had something with using the metal as the basis for delivering the counterfeit sayings. What was cool in the development of this project was seeing the team work together in developing the ideas. Pretty much everyone on the team played a role with this commercial.

We came out of the team meeting with the idea to do a stop-motion video for the commercial. Christine created and designed the wood and metal we would be using. Nick took the photos that would be used and doing editing with the audio. Greg is editing and producing the visuals in Flash. I’ve worked on the script and recorded the voiceovers for the audio. Sherry and Jen have been a support throughout the production as well. (Jay? He didn’t do much with this. He’s only been working day and night putting together the short film for Easter. Slacker.)

As I’ve mentioned before, the Counterfeit sermon series will deal with other religions. While we aren’t going to shy away from what we believe to be true, we do want to be respectful of other beliefs. Controversy will come no matter what when you teach that your religion is the only right one, but you don’t need to add any unnecessary fuel to the fire. For instance, my boss and I have discussed how some media outlets have been threatened by their fair and objective depictions of Islam. While we don’t believe that will happen to us, we are making sure that what we say about other religions is accurate and fair.

This next week we’ll put the finishing touches on the commercial so it will be ready to play the week after Easter. I think this commercial is going to be great. It will be another distinctive look, just like we had with the 5 Minutes After commercial last year.

Oh, and you probably know this, but I was joking about Jay. Dude is putting in the long hours to get the short film ready to play a week from now.

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