Well, I’m currently at the video shoot for the Easter message. It’s the last day of production. We’re at the Durham Science Center on the UNO campus. It’s been a good day of shooting, so far. Actually, the entire production has been a great experience. The actors and crew have been easy to work with and they’ve done their jobs with excellence.

The past few weeks have been full. Since the Arkansas trip I’ve been focused in on this production. Mix in getting sick for a few days, and my boys getting sick as well, I haven’t had much time to do anything. Blogging has been pushed to the back burner.

This time period continues to hammer home the need to simplify things in my life, to cut out the things that are just time wasters right now.  It’s not that some things I do are bad, but they can distract from the things that are important. I’ve talked about this before, in fact this post from January details some thoughts on the matter.

As this production wraps I start up production on the tv commercial for the upcoming sermon series “Counterfeit”. Sometime soon I hope I can get 100% healthy as I’ve been dealing with a lingering cough since being sick two weekends ago.

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