First of all, the ice storm that hit here a few weeks ago has absolutely pummeled the area.  I haven’t seen too many trees that survived without any damage. Lots of stories of people going without power for a week. Crazy.

Those of you who have never been to the Ecclesia College campus will not understand most of this post. And, since there are three Orens, here’s how I’ll identify them. Oren sr. is Oren sr., Oren III/O3/Oren Neil/Junior is Oren, and baby Oren is Oren jr..

Perhaps I should have taken some pictures yesterday, but I don’t think my cell phone camera would have been able to capture the differences that are around the campus. The big things I noticed were the absence of trailers and the barn being completely changed. There are still two or three trailers, but those have been bought by people (amazingly) who are moving them away. The barn is almost unrecognizeable. It looks nice and it’s now cream colored. I didn’t have the opportunity to go inside it, but one of the current students told me it is cramped in there with 8 students. I told him I stayed in there my first year with 21 students (including me). He couldn’t believe that. It is nice the students have more room. And, more room for more students. (130+ full-time students, 230+ part-time students)

I believe it is called the Administration Building, but I know it as the Dome. (A lot of the old lingo is gone, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just don’t know what buildings people are talking about when they reference one.) They have the space utilized more effectively. The offices are arranged well. There’s a computer lab. They use the elevator shaft for…I forget, but they use the space instead of storing random stuff in there. The mailboxes are locked up and you have your own key to your box, which is great since they aren’t out in the open and you don’t have to worry about people going through your stuff. (I don’t know how many times people would take magazines I subscribed to, read them, and then put them back in my box. Sometimes they’d tell me after the fact and act like it was no big deal. Jerks.) The auditorium/class room has more signs of being a college with the school colors painted in there, but the same blue carpet is still in there. That stuff has been in there since the inception of the Dome, I mean Administration Building, and it shows. Still some leaks, but I can’t bust on that since I work at a megachurch with a budget in the millions and we have leaks in numerous places whenever there is rain. Overall, the building is nicer, and cooler, from when I was there.

I did amuse myself seeing parts of the building I had helped build or fix.  It made me laugh to see a keypad entry to one office because it brought to mind the former coworker who wanted it installed. He was bent on not letting anyone outside the team he was a part of get into those offices, but he expected open access from everyone else. (He’s changed since then and actually called and apologized to Oren in recent years for his attitude and actions while he was working at Ecclesia.)

The west campus has a baseball diamond, which makes sense since they have a team. That still is tough for me to wrap my mind around at times, the school has athletic teams. I wish they had them when I was here. I can also think of a few other people who would’ve like to play on teams when they were here. (Jeff Berry comes to mind.)

We’ll be seeing some more people later this afternoon, and that will be fun.  Outside of Oren and Cari, Twila and Jack, and Fraser (a student I met when I was in China who now attends Ecclesia), I haven’t seen anyone else. I am hoping to get on campus again later in the day, and also hoping to go through Springdale at some point.  I  haven’t driven through “the dip”, but I will later today.

I still need to get to Braum’s.

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