Well, we arrived in Northwest Arkansas earlier in the day. We didn’t have to drive on any two lane highways on the trek, which was a first. Missouri finally finished out the four lane construction of 71, which had been two lane the last stretch of it before entering into Arkansas.

It was funny driving down and remembering various buildings and exits along the way. I remember albums I use to listen to on the drive to help pass the time. Outside of another Wal-Mart, and the aforementioned four lane highway, the drive was pretty much the same until we got into Arkansas. However, once we crossed into The Natural State the traffic seemed busier and there seemed to be more buildings and homes. This was especially the case when we drove into the Rogers. Pinnacle Hills is crazy now.

I asked Jana which exit we should take and she said the Lowell exit.  It’s fitting because our first apartment was right off the Lowell exit. We then drove on 264 toward Elm Springs. New homes sprouting up everywhere. We turned onto 112 and everything became familiar. Especially the last stretch where we were driving on gravel roads to Oren and Cari’s house.

We didn’t get to the campus tonight, but we will tomorrow. Oren was telling me they have over 130 full-time students and over 230 students all together. That’s great, especially when you know where the ministry has come from over the past few years.

Liam had a great time playing with Lydia, Allie and Ella, and Duncan enjoyed the interaction with Oren jr. Jana and I enjoyed catching up with Oren and Cari.

There will be more thoughts tomorrow once I’m on campus. Now? It’s nice to get some sleep and enjoy some great weather.

More to come…

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