7:45 PM, and I chuckle at the thought of someone out there wondering what it is we in Communication do every day to fill our day. (Someone evidently put that question, once again, to one of us. This time to our boss, Nick.) I’d be more than glad to have someone follow me around so I could show and explain to them what it is I, and others here in Communications do, but I only catch secondhand whispers of people wondering about us in Communications. (Fortunately, they are in the minority.) I am amused that someone finds it important in their work to wonder about someone else’s work.

Some of what I’ve been researching for the Easter video sermon, some themes I want to tie into the script…

While not the exact scene I’m thinking about incorporating, I still thought a scene from A Beautiful Mind might make you wonder what I have in store with the script. (click here)

Some cellphone snapshots from my journal. Early drafts and sketches…

More to come…

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