Here is the new logo for Christ Community Church. Nick and Christine have been working on it. I think it is great and a vast improvement over the previous one.

It will slowly be rolled out. And what was the previous logo? Here are two examples.

I think it is a vast improvement.

Over fourteen months ago this new CCC brand was approved by leadership, but a small fraction of congregants had concerns since there wasn’t a cross in the new logo. (This was voiced at a townhall meeting for the new logo.) And, apparently, the logo could mislead people into thinking we are a Mormon church since there is a Mormon church in Omaha with the name Christ Community Church.

Nick was asked to look over the new logo and see if he could tweak it to appease these concerns. He did his due research and work, but in the end nothing changed. Designers and creatives that we network with all endorsed the design Nick and Christine came up with. To add some Christian kitsch to it would only make a mockery of it and continue our look being behind the times. Thus, it would end up looking something like this. (Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea.)

I think the new brand is great. (Do you see the ripples from a water drop?)

For an entertaining read on Christian logos, click here.

One thought on “Brand New

  1. I visited CCC last week & saw the new brand for the first time. As a Christian designer, I find it very refreshing & very 'now' (yeah, whatever that means). Great execution of the brand!
    I just did a logo for a church & presented a version w/o the 'T' as a cross (it already had a flame) – yeah, they demanded the T-cross too… yikes. @andyRespire


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