Need a Bible? Twice a year a table near the Communications Suite fills up with lost items. And, the table is always full of Bibles. Last time, Greg and I went through some of the items looking for people’s names so we could contact them to let them know they had “stuff” on the lost and found table. After a few weeks, the lost and found items are donated to charity.

Every time I see the stacks of Bibles in the lost and found my mind goes back to some of my international missions work, when I was delivering Bibles to pastors, leaders and people who didn’t have access to one. The Bibles were treated like the Holy Grail.

Hey, it’s easy to misplace things. It happens. Still, I wonder how many Bibles we, here in America, have lost over the years and don’t think anything about going and replacing it when there are people who would do anything, within reason, to have just a part of a Bible.

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