I’m woken up early by Liam. That’s nothing new, but what’s nice about it is it helps me get a jump start on the day. I look outside and it’s started to snow. So I get ready quickly so I can beat the traffic into work. On days like this it always takes at least twice as long to get in. I’d rather beat the rush and get to the office. No luck.

It took me at least fifteen minutes to get from the Diamond Head entrance on Blondo to 144th and Blondo. Roughly ten blocks. I was bummed when I was stuck in the long lines of cars on Blondo because I hadn’t synced my iPod Touch so I could listen to the latest podcasts. But then an idea, since I wasn’t moving at all what if I pull out my computer, sync my iPod, and then I can listen to it. Hmmm…

Not the best picture, but here I am waiting in traffic as I sync my iPod. The best part? I was picking up a number of Wifi signals so I was getting emails and twitter updates as well. Brilliant. I was able to listen to the round table discussion from this past Sunday’s This Week with George Stephanopolous the rest of the slow drive into work.

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