We arrived in Kidron, OH earlier today after a long drive. When I drove across the Illinois-Indiana border we were immediately engulfed in a lake effect snow. I could barely see and there were no lights along the interstate. At two different points I was petrified, constantly praying or just repeating “Jesus”. A semi truck passed me and I just tailed it to the next travel plaza near LaPorte. We were doing maybe 40 mph. I had my hazzard lights on while driving. Crazy.

We were at the travel plaza for over an hour, just hanging out in the car. We all were in the front seat and Liam was having lots of fun.

I used Twitter to contact my brother-in-law Scott who lives in Indianapolis. I didn’t have his cell number, so Twitter was Plan B. It worked like a charm. Scott tweeted back and then we connected. He checked the local weather, since The Weather Channel inside the travel plaza was of no use. He informed that if I could make it another 30 miles I’d be free of the lake effect snow.

By this time it was starting to get light out and the snow was letting up. We decided to go back on the road. Conditions still weren’t good, but having some light out made a world of difference. We did 30-40 mph for roughly thirty miles, but once we got east of Elkhart we were in the clear and on our way. It took us over two hours to go 30 miles.

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