A random thought…

One of the good/bad things about God? It is an excuse that is almost a trump card when played deftly. Something could go wrong because of an individual’s action or inaction. When reality hits and the success does not come because of the individual’s action (or inaction) do they take responsibility? If this person is a Christian there is a good chance they’ll play the God card. “Well, I guess it wasn’t God’s plan for…” You can fill in the blank with whatever.

It’s a nice smokescreen to mask the fact that someone screwed up and doesn’t want to be held accountable. Even better is when they try and parlay the situation to their advantage by appearing to be in accordance with God as these “new developments” appear (by their own doing). And unless you know the facts, if you press them on it they’ll frame the ensuing argument as you coming against God’s will.

Having worked in ministries for over a decade I’ve seen and experienced this play numerous times. It’s annoying.

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