Like I wasn’t going to be here today…

What a great day yesterday was! We bring home Duncan and reunite our family. Liam did well with him, which has been a blessing and answer to prayer. I know there will be moments were conflict will arise, but for now it is great.

Another great evening of Boston sports, and last night was memorable. First of all you had the Celtics beating the Lakers in game one of the NBA Finals. It was a great all-around game from Boston. They managed to contain Kobe and get the Lakers out of their offensive flow. KG, The Truth and Ray Allen all played up to their Big Three moniker. Pierce gave all C’s fans a collective heart attack when he went down in the third quarter. The way everyone was reacting you thought he tore his ACL or something. Nope. He comes back a few minutes later, hits two big threes, and that provided a spark for Boston to take control of the game. If Pierce’s injury isn’t that serious, I’m becoming more of a believer in Boston’s chances. I’ll feel better if Boston can win game two before heading out to LA for three games.

Now, how can you top the Celtics winning game one, at home, of the NBA Finals over the Lakers? As always, the behemoth of sports right now, the Boston Red Sox. I don’t know if they topped last night’s game, but they got their own share of headlines. They finished off a sweep of the (formerly) first place Tampa Bay Rays and punctuated it with a brawl with Tampa and amongst themselves. It’s never boring as a Red Sox fan. And, if anything this series showed that while Tampa is on the rise, Boston is still the best. They swept Tampa without David Ortiz and with a number of other people nicked up. Come October they will be dominant again.

It is cliche, but the adage explains all. Manny being Manny.

I mentioned it earlier, but I do feel motivated to write again. It was just hard to before because while things were going on in life and with work the main thing was still the wait for Duncan. I got tired of focusing on that aspect. I wish the midwife who told Jana that Duncan was going to be a May baby would have tempered her enthusiasm just a bit. Oh well. That all seems so old now.

Now I’m starting to transition back into email, work, writing, etc. Last night I did a bunch of emails and messages to people who had written in recent days. I might try and do some work over the weekend as well. Perhaps I’ll read some. I just finished up a book called Rapture Ready! by Daniel Radosh. Radosh spends a year immersed in Christian pop culture. Radosh’s perspective is good for a number of reasons. And, he is Jewish which brings some poignant moments to it. I thought it was a good, insightful read, especially for someone who is an Art Director at a megachurch.

Thanks for the free Coke, Amsterdam.

Life is beautiful.

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