Beautiful Friday here in Omaha after the (alleged) severe storms last night in the metro. The storm that produced the tornadoes that hit Kearney yesterday were nothing when they came across the metro area last night. However, it seemed like the local news and weather personnel had to keep the hype since there was such a concern for tornadoes to hit Omaha. The storm was just a lot of rain once it came, nothing more.

Maybe I should be outside to enjoy the lunch today? Nah… The James Brown being played is nice, not to mention the A/C

The Celtics are on the cusp of returning to the NBA Finals. If they can put away the Detroit Pistons then the Los Angeles Lakers await them in the Finals. Of all teams to await Boston… I think it is great. A year ago who would have thought that a Boston-LA final was even possible, yet here we are just one win away from the ultimate, historical matchup in the NBA finals. Amazing. More thoughts to come if they make the finals.

Another video shoot this afternoon, once again in the midtown area. Benson, Bellevue, Old Market, we are covering Omaha. Next week we’ll be in south Omaha for another shoot. I’m hoping to post some pics and updates from the various shoots soon.

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