More to come but I wanted to post a sneak peek of the Elijah prequel comic book I’ve been working on. I’ll be posting more tidbits and samples in the days and weeks to come. In the meantime I have posted some older storyboards from the 5 Minutes After tv commercial.

Today I also started a Facebook group for Christ Community Church. There are a few smaller ones that deal with the high school and college ministries, but nothing for the entire church. So, I started one up. Not sure why we hadn’t before. It’s easy and a great resource for people. Another way of connecting with people and letting them know what’s going on at CCC. For instance, on the group page I posted the promo video for this Sunday’s message that advertises Dr. Jerry Root, an expert on C.S. Lewis who is coming in to talk about Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia and more.

Starting the group came out of researching ways to do grassroots promotion for the Elijah/Elisha series. I want to do a widget that can be used in social network sites to promote the series and microsite we will be designing. That will be happening.

It’s not every day you get to refer to Steven King’s The Dark Tower with your work, especially in ministry, but it’s one of the simple pleasures that bring a smile to my face. I like noting the things that occur during the day that you would not associate with working at a church/ministry.

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