Comics? Check. Cds? Check. Dvds? Check. Bible? Check. Alright, I think I’m ready to get to work. One of the many projects I’m working on right now is a comic book for the upcoming Elijah/Elisha sermon series. How will Christ Community respond to it…

Today I finished my draft of the first issue. It went from being a “teaser” to a full blown story. Whether it will be able to work remains to be seen. Besides the length of the story, which means a ton of storyboarding, drawing, coloring, animating, etc., there is the “heresy” factor.

We know nothing of Elijah’s origin so I developed one that would serve as the first issue. It would be the hook. Heck, as I was researching material for it I found myself wondering what the true backstory is on Elijah.

I was partially inspired by Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One. Both of those stories did a lot to change the perception of Batman and add a new level of depth, darkness, reality and humanity that hadn’t been prevalent. By no means do I think the coming stories will compare to what Miller wrote, but hopefully I can get people thinking about what it could have been that shaped Elijah into the prophet we know him to be in 1 & 2 Kings.

I’m definitely taking some liberties, a stab at historical fiction. Considering how sensitive some people are to art when it relates to God and the scriptures, how quick some are to be “offended”, I tread with care as I proceed. In no way do I think what I am creating is canon. However, I hope it is provocative and is a catalyst for thought and discussion. And, I hope it is entertaining.

Stay tuned…

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