I have been working simultaneously on a second tv commercial idea for Eternity and rewriting the script for the Easter sermon video.

The second tv commercial idea is loosely based on the concept of the NOOMA videos done by Rob Bell. This second idea would take place in a funeral home. The first two panels of the storyboard are above. It will not be filmed at Kremer Funeral Home in Benson, but I just used it as an example in the storyboard because of its distinct look.

The two ideas we have for the commercial spot are both solid. I am not sure which one we are going to go with yet.

The vignettes Nick and I have written for Mark’s Easter sermon video have pretty much been embraced entirely. A lot of our research is being employed into the script. We received Mark’s second draft today and Nick, Jay and I went over it in detail. Nick wants me to rewrite about a third of the second draft.

Sometimes it’s not the language or dialog that is bad in the script we receive, but making sure the script translates well with video.

It continues to be fun working on these various projects.

More to come…

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