What are the necessary nuisances in life? I think one for me is social network sites. I’m back on Facebook again and already I find myself annoyed. I have people I have not heard from in years who are asking to be my “friend”. Do they want to reconnect in any way? No, they just want to boost their numbers so they can brag about having 150+ “friends”. I realized this when I was full-on into MySpace and would try and converse with my “friends” but it went nowhere. It’s like some people have several hundred “friends” but don’t know anyone. The best is when you try and talk directly to them, or in public, and they don’t know how to respond to you.

Some people do just solely converse via Facebook. I would think that would suck and be a lonely way to live, but what do I know. Perhaps I’m old fashioned. It’s not like I am great when it comes to maintaining a lot of friendships so maybe they are onto something.

The dilemma of accepting someone as a “friend” when really they aren’t a friend. When I was heavy into MySpace it made me laugh to see a former friend, who had backstabbed me, send me a friend invite. Are you kidding me? I declined.

Example, a coworker just started a profile on Facebook and was curious if they could get 100 “friends” in 10 days. It took them half the time and they don’t even know a good chunk of their “friends”.

Ah, screw it. Everyone can be my friend now and then you can write really important things on my wall like “hows it goin?”.

Still, these sites are being used for almost everything nowadays and I like to mess with them. I just hate trying to maintain a profile on a number of sites. Besides this website I have a Facebook profile and I have an old Blogger account. I still have MySpace but I don’t use it after I got tired of non-stop spam and porn.

With my work I’m trying to figure out how to best use the sites to promote what I am doing and what we are doing as a church. That is always fun trying to explain to some in the congregation.

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