A copy of the Christmas email I sent out…

Hey everyone! Nothing says Merry Christmas like a mass email. I apologize for that. Somehow the year has gotten away from me. Now, I could use the convenient excuse of Liam, since this was our first year with him. I know better, though. Honestly, if the Red Sox hadn’t been so good and won the World Series again I would have done better at keeping up with you all instead of following a baseball team. (Just kidding…sort of.)

Here’s a quick summary of the four of us this past year. (Yes, four, you read correctly. Read on.)

Liam continues to be just an amazing blessing and a fantastic son. He’s healthy as can be and lately has flashed his creativity by being more and more crafty. Thirteen months and already scheming. Awesome. He enjoys having Jana and I read to him, or me chasing after him. He still is fairly relaxed and enjoys others. However, he does pine for Phoenix (our cat) and will catch her one of these days.

Jana is the epitome of a stay-at-home mother. Liam being the great boy he is can be attributed to Jana’s hard work and unconditional love. She also started being a MOPS leader this fall. (MOPS – Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) And, she has made our new home truly a home by “nesting” and taking charge with it. For instance, she has had fun with starting and maintaining a garden in our backyard. It is wonderful to come home to, well, our home. Well, it wouldn’t really matter too much unless Jana was a part of it. It is easy to come home to her! Jana probably had the scariest moment of the year when she was at Westroads when the shootings happened there a few weeks ago. Thankfully, she was fine as she was located in Younkers. That day, and the following ones, were incredibly surreal for me.

Myself? A busy year. I lost close to sixty pounds. Yes, sixty. (And no, I didn’t become bulimic. Don’t bother with the joke because I’ve heard it too many times. You aren’t original.) I just changed my diet to one that was healthy. Apparently this is revolutionary to some. What else… My work changed a bit. I am now the Art Director at Christ Community Church. What does this mean? Well, I am the “creative” for services, sermon series and projects. This can be anything from script writing to animation storyboards, sermon concepts to podcasts and so much more. I also mixed in two trips to China and a trek to Seattle that was refreshing.

And the fourth? Well, we will welcome our second child into this world sometime in May. We don’t know if it is a boy or a girl yet. We don’t care as long as the baby is healthy.

Okay, so I will try to do better with keeping in contact with you. If nothing else, you can always visit our website to learn the latest with us.

Thanks for your friendships. Merry Christmas! Hopefully we can get together for coffee or a meal sometime soon.

God bless,

Robert Murphy (on behalf of Jana, Liam and Murphy child the second)

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