As Jim Gaffigan says, “I don’t normally have a burger, brat and a steak, but it is the Fourth of July. I’m going to need my energy if I’m going to blow stuff up later! That’s what the founding fathers would’ve wanted.”

Laid back day here. Liam was subdued for most of the day. He’s either battling some congestion, or dealing with the ol’ standby of teething. (It’d be nice to use teething as an excuse when you’re an adult because everyone accepts it carte blanch when you are a baby.) Jana and I played a rousing game of Carcassonne, in which I won. When we first started playing I won all the time, but she has improved her game to the point we split the victories.

Okay, so I was at the premiere of Transformers this past Monday. As a child I collected the Transformers toys and comics so I was amped for this movie. Still, I was going in with low expectations. I wasn’t expecting the level of quality with other “fanboy” films, like Batman Begins or Superman Returns, because of Michael Bay directing it. Still, I wasn’t going to miss this. Even if it meant hitting someone dressed up as a robot. (Read on…)

A few of us from work were in to see it. We got to AMC an hour before show time so we could get good seats. The line, however, was already long. I was surprised by this, but glad because it meant for an entertaining audience. There were even the requisite people dressed up as robots. Right.

We got in and managed to score good seats for the sold out showing. When the lights dimmed after the trailers played Larry started clapping and screaming to be stupid. Well, he got the entire crowd to join in with him. Then, when the word Transformers appeared on screen he did it again and once again got the entire crowd to follow suit. Nice job Larry.

As far as the film goes, I was into it. It exceeded expectations (which were low) and was entertaining. The last twenty minutes I thought there was some poor editing with the action sequences, storyline and development, but nonetheless it was great.

The transformers looked amazing, but my only complaint was not being able to appreciate that during the action sequences. And, hopefully you weren’t looking forward to seeing any transformers outside of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee because hardly anyone else got any time onscreen. I was bummed by the lack of screen time for Starscream and Megatron, and Megatron’s look was bad.

Shia LeBouf aided the film despite some horrendous dialog at times. I can see why he is all the rage right about now. (Him getting the role of Indiana Jones’ son in Indy 4, allegedly, is well deserved.)

I thought the transformers may have been underutilized, but the story set itself up for sequels so you can expect more face time from them in the films to come. It’s a similar path that the Superman reboot went with where the story was more human in its element.

The last action sequence Optimus was nowhere to be seen for about fifteen minutes while Megatron is tearing everything up. Then, he comes from nowhere. I had a problem with that because Prime would not disappear for that long of stretch. (Yeah! Remember the episode…)

Overall, it’s a fun, summer flick. Don’t expect high art (especially when Bumblebee…errr…relieves himself) but you should have fun at seeing the big screen incarnation of Optimus Prime and the rest of the transformers.

Did it honor the Transformers history overall? I’m not sure about that. Optimus, Bumblebee and Sam Witwicky were done well, though. (Shouldn’t it be Spike or Buster instead of Sam?) There are details that have you scratching your head, like the flames on Optimus or Megatron being a jet. The film, in it of itself, is fun.

The best action sequence of the night, though, may have been the trailer for the JJ Abrams flick Cloverfield. That looks brilliant.

The movie is over and Larry and I are walking out of the theater when someone decked out as a robot, and holding a lightsaber (?!) comes walking toward us. We try to walk around the guy, who is my height, but he stays in my way for some reason. He starts acting like a robot, I guess, and is spouting some gibberish at me. I’m annoyed and when I finally get around him I smack the back of his cardboard, costumed head. It wasn’t a hard smack, but not light either. Just something to let you know I’m there. Well, his cardboard head goes flying off and for a split second I think I decapitated the guy, but then I snap back to reality and remember it is just a costume. While I’m thinking these thoughts everyone in the area is laughing at the guy. Larry and Kaun are doubled over because they are laughing so hard. Another coworker, Christine, is there and she looks at me like I just stabbed a kitten in cold blood. The costumed robot guy just stands there and looks at me. He said something like, “Yeah man”. Everyone is still laughing at the scene of the “geek” getting shown up. And I just wanted to shuffle on out of there as fast as I could at that point. I just wanted to get around the guy, but no he had to do the robot in front of me while waving around his lightsaber.

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