For those in the media who opined last week about the recent games in the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry not meeting the hype, I think they changed their mind after this series. No matter what, these two teams always provide storylines (and history) when they play against each other.

Yesterday one of my coworkers, Doni, came up to me lauding the moral victory the Yankees accomplished by only losing 7-6 Sunday night. This was one of the funniest things I had heard in awhile. Yankees fan taking away a moral victory after their team got swept by its rival. Isn’t this the organization and fan base that proclaims the season a bust unless they win the World Series, and now they are looking for moral victories? You were lucky to only lose by one run considering Dice-K pitched his worst outing of the year and the Red Sox left twelve men on base.

It all started with the meltdown on Friday when despite (the soon-to-be ex-Yankees player) A-Rod’s play New York still lost when Mariano Rivera blew the game. It was ironic on many levels. A-Rod being the only Yankees player bothering to show up, Torre breaking his promise to not bring Rivera into a game before the ninth and Rivera throwing at someone’s head after blowing the game. Who is the class player, the “true Yankees player”?

Friday night’s game was the only one that was arguably in the Yankees’ favor, and they blew it. Boston’s comeback also brought to light the new pitching star Hideki Okajima.

Saturday and Sunday were just formalities. No way two rookies were going to defeat Josh Beckett and Dice-K. Last year. in which he had a rough transition to the AL, seems like a deacade ago for Josh Beckett who is now 4-0, 25 K’s and a 2.55 ERA. Dice-K had a bad outing, but got a win which he deserved after two great outings in which the Red Sox gave him no run support.

Sunday night Chase Wright managed to make it through the Red Sox lineup the first time through unscathed, but you could tell he was barely hanging on. The next time through the Red Sox made him pay, with the back-to-back-to-back-to-back homeruns. It is debateable whether or not Torre should have pulled him after three innings with the score 4-3 Boston, but Torre pulled him and reason number one came front and center as to why the Yankees won’t make the playoffs this year. Their bullpen. It’s only April and yet the ptichers in that bullpen are running on fumes or they don’t have the confidence of Torre. Heck, Monday night A-Rod had two more homeruns and the Yankees still lost 10-8 to the Devil Rays. Sad.

It was also great to listen to the game, Sunday night, on the radio with Dan Shulman and Dave Campbell providing the call. They are much better than Jon Miller and Joe Morgan who do the call on tv.

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