As some of you know I have changed my diet, since the beginning of the year, in order to be healthier and to lose weight. The intention had been there for a long time, but after seeing too many pics of me looking like the human incarnation of Shrek it was time to start dropping pounds. I started off the year around 220. It took me awhile, but I finally got in groove with the dietary changes.

No fast food.
No junk food.
No soda.
No coffee.
No snacks.
No candy.
Not eating after 7:00 pm.
Smaller portions.
More fruits and vegetables.
Reduce meat intake.
Buying groceries from Whole Foods.
Drinking more water.

Whenever I tell people my litany of dietary guidelines I’m always asked the same question. “No coffee? Really?” Really. No need for the caffeine, sugar and calories. Plus, I’ll have a Naked Juice instead that is all-natural, has a pound of fruit within it, and is cheaper than my normal fare from Caribou Coffee.

(By the way, I’ve sparked a Naked Juice fad at work. It’s funny.)

The key to it all has been discipline. If you can stay disciplined you will see changes in time. The weight didn’t come off over night, but it now has. This morning I weighed in at 177 pounds. I haven’t weighed that since the first few months of Jana and I’s marriage. That’s 43 pounds I’ve lost since the beginning of the year.

A side effect of all this is I have no pants or shorts that fit me now. I can deal with that.

People ask how much more I want to lose. I’m not sure, but I’m curious to see how low I can go with this diet. One of the smaller goals I had at the outset was to be able to take my wedding band off my finger again. Jana had been telling me in recent years to get my ring resized because it was fairly obvious it had become to small for my fingers as I gained weight. However, I never wanted to do that because I thought that didn’t solve the core problem, that I was obese.

What is fascinating to me is that I really haven’t exercised at all throughout this. The loss in weight is pretty much all due to a change in diet. I know I need to exercise more, but if you lose 43 pounds in four months just due to a diet change…it’s cool and scary at the same time. Scary because I know I’m not getting any younger and the extra weight I carry around can only do harm to me. I’m at a greater risk for heart disease and cancer if I would have kept up my old diet. Super Size Me indeed… (Still haven’t seen the documentary.) I want to be around to see Liam (and the future Murphy kids) grow up.

I some times think what it would be like to wear a backpack around all day with the weight I’ve lost. No wonder late last year I would get winded easily.

Does this mean I’ll never have another hamburger or Pepsi? No, but I’m not having them every day like I once was for lunch. And, with my work which is not physically active at all it adds on the pounds quickly if I fast food it every day.

The diet is not a temporary thing, but hopefully a lifestyle change I’ve made that I’ll stick to.

It’s been encouraging to me to see the changes and to feel better.

Do I miss anything? No, but if Chick-Fil-A ever built a restaurant in the area (the Mutual Of Omaha food court does not count) I would be tested.

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