As I backed out of my driveway this morning I was surprised by what I saw. Snow. While it melted instantly upon hitting the ground, it was snowing. I texted Jared, who is in Phoenix, with the news. Crazy. It snowed off and on throughout the day.

Not the most productive day of work. I was in a meeting for most of the morning that I didn’t need to be at probably. I was going into the meeting thinking it would be a creative planning meeting for upcoming sermon series, but instead it was all admin, scheduling and management with upcoming services. Sitting through a forty-five minute banter of whether or not the high-school choir should sing in Access is not what I was expecting or had prepared for. Talking to some of the other meeting participants they said the same thing. Sometimes you get sidetracked in those meetings with some ancillary issue that isn’t why you convened. It’s like we needed someone to call a timeout to halt the momentum of going off-track.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I’m headed to China next month, for work reasons. Unbeknownst to me, though, was that the dates were changed on me. I found this out today after the flight itinerary was emailed to me. I asked around as to why the dates were changed, without me being notified, and didn’t really get a good answer in return. Oh well…I’ll deal with it.

Then, I had a video shoot out in Wahoo, NE. They have a working phonebooth out there that I came across on Monday when I was scouting around looking for phonebooths. (Long story) The video we shot today will be edited into the Superman video I made for this Sunday. Matt Paddack is putting the finishing touches on the entire piece, with Mark’s monologues put in as well. I was able to help Mark out with some of his monologue by providing background on some of the superheroes he references. Perhaps I should get a tax deduction on comics I purchased since I’m using them for work purposes now.

Dice-K did alright tonight, but it is hard to top a pitcher throwing a one hitter like Seattle had with Felix Hernandez.

Lost is brilliant.

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