Just got done watching the season finale of Battlestar Galactica. Best show on right now.

Spring is here. I know in the past there have been late winter storms, but I don’t see that this time. It’s been relatively calm since the blizzard. Temps in the seventies. It’s been nice to wear shorts and enjoy the outside. At the apartment we were usually cooped up inside because there was nothing around us to enjoy. What, you are going to hang out in the parking lot with the neighbor’s friends who are throwing rocks through everyone’s windows? Not likely. I took Liam outside earlier this evening and just did nothing except stand around out front. It’s nice to take in the evening.

Preparation for the Easter service is in full swing. Kind of a late start compared to last year when we were all greasing the skids for Mark’s arrival. It should be good. I think it will be a mad dash till then, though. Mark has commissioned Nick to make “the best video ever”. We have less than two weeks to make it happen. Nick, Matt Paddack and I will be doing a lot on the project till then. We brainstormed today, along with Greg, on ideas for scenes. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been working on a video for the series immediately following Easter, Awaken The Hero. It’s always great when some of the staff sit in a meeting, come up with an idea, then expect someone who wasn’t part of the meeting to pull of their idea. That kind of happened with this video. Nick came to me with the premise of the video they wanted. They wanted to see a hero/superhero coming into his own. Evidently, Spiderman was ruled out because in the first Spiderman film there’s the scene where Mary Jane is soaking wet from the rain and her “figure” is on display. I didn’t quite get this and started asking Nick questions about it. Nick shook his head, agreed with me, and said that was the decision. The arbitrary guidelines make no sense, sometimes, because we have used clips from movies and tv shows that have a lot more risque scenes and situations. Whatever.

I asked for a set of guidelines, but have yet to receive it. If I’m the one that is suppose to be crafting these videos I’d like to know my parameters. I wasn’t down with Spiderman anyway so I started work on the project with my initial idea. Indiana Jones. The beginning of the third Indiana Jones film has a great sequence in which it shows a young Indy (played by River Phoenix) and how he became the hero Indiana Jones. The video was pretty much done for me, I just had to edit and shape it for their needs.

I started working on it and had a rough cut to show Nick. I told him about it, but he said it wouldn’t fly. They (the ubiquitous “they”) wanted a superhero. Even though the series is called Awaken The Hero and not Awaken The Superhero? Yes, even though there is that discrepancy. I liked Indy because it showed that any of us could be a hero. Using a superhero subtly implies you can’t be normal to be this grand person. Apparently, they wanted Superman. Okay.

The task has taken longer, but it has been a joy to work on. Obviously, I’m a fan of Superman so it makes it fun. I started work on it Friday afternoon and had a rough cut ready last night. I showed it to Nick today and he loved it. I told Nick if “they” don’t like it I’ll tell them to make their own video. Not to be rude, but it can get irritating when people in a vacuum dream up all these crazy ideas then expect those who have not been involved in the process to create, “make happen” their ideas. How can they from nothing and are told little to zero? Part of the problem is some have no idea the time and energy expended into the project. (Greg and I heard some ignorant comments during the Jonah animation project.)

The process of how all this happens is being refined. Nancy has been beating the drum for awhile and change is in the air. Input and feedback I’ve provided, along with Nick and others, has helped spur it along. Plus, Mark realizes that sometimes we are our own worst enemy in the process.

Regardless, it should be a great video.

Hope you all are doing well.

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