The anticipation for a big winter storm was for this past weekend, but all we got was maybe six inches. This was suppose to be an afterthought. Oops. Even yesterday the prognostications seemed to be around six inches again with Iowa getting the brunt of it. While that was mostly true, western Douglas County (west Omaha) had perfect conditions for a huge amount of snow. At least twelve inches fell on west O this morning. The first blizzard warning in the city in ten years, which is surprising considering some of the more serious snows we’ve had. However, with the wind gusts over forty miles per hour and the snow falling at two inches an hour it was a severe storm.

I didn’t even attempt going to work. There were already cars stuck up and down the road I’m on. I just chilled, watched the snow fall and had some time with Jana and Liam. I managed to snap a few photos, even during the worst part of the blizzard, but the quality is poor considering the conditions. I’ll post the aftermath pics.

With the amount of snow we received, and the wind, we had drifts on our driveway between 18″-24″. Crazy. I shoveled a few times today and still haven’t finished the driveway. I just have a path from the garage to the street. It was tiring. Plus, I ended up helping out a few of the neighbors with their shoveling and a few of us had to dig a Subaru SUV out that got stuck in the middle of the road.

It was nice to meet some of our neighbors. Hopefully we can talk again in a better environment, but there were moments where it was fun today.

Some people on the news stations seemed surprised we were having a “spring” storm like this. Are you kidding me? First of all, it’s not spring and secondly we’ve had blizzards in April before. Get with it.

Everything in the area is cancelled tomorrow as well. I’ll make an attempt at getting to work in the ol’ Chevy Malibu tomorrow.

Good times.

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