The lights are out at the house. The streetlights add a hint of contrast to the living room through the front windows. Outside the so-called blizzard begins. A few minutes ago I was holding Liam while walking around the living room. We were watching the snowfall and he was listening to me talk. All of a sudden, while facing and in between the front windows, a bright flash lit up the sky, outside, and the room. Two seconds later the roar of thunder. Lightning. With it reflecting off the snow it made for quite the light show for a second there.

Liam and I are alone today and for part of tomorrow. It’s been better than expected. I wasn’t expecting the worst by any means, but it has just been a good day with him. Nothing too monumental, and that is fine with me. It’s good to know that I’m not completely helpless when Jana is gone. So far, so well. He came with me as I made a brief pit stop at work around noon. Dad was there and he was more than obliging to take him for a little while. He napped in dad’s office, and I finished up some work. I thought he’d sleep more during the day, but he hasn’t. Perhaps that bodes well for the night. We’ve read some and mixed in some Creighton basketball over the radio. He’s now down. I’ll wake him up later for his final feeding.

Just downed my third Naked Juice of the day.

The second Jonah video has been tough to finish up. it’s suppose to play tomorrow, but I have no idea where it stands in the editing process. Greg was out all week with the birth of his daughter. He hasn’t been able to get a jump on the animation. What’s worked in our favor is this chapter provides the simplest animation. Christine did most of the illustrations during the week. I tried recording the audio. While chapter two is primarily Jonah praying, there are still a few lines of narration and I added a line for God. Well, Lee (my narrator) was out all week sick with the flu. Then the display on my MacBook Pro went out Thursday morning so they cut into my work on the project. Finally I had trouble connecting with Steve Yost (the voice of God) to record his lines. At one point Friday we were debating whether or not to scrap the animation for Sunday because of a number of little things added up. After talking to Greg we decided to plow ahead and see what we could do. (It could all be rendered moot if church is cancelled tomorrow.)

Amazingly after the work day yesterday Lee came by the church to check on a few things. I ran into him and asked if he could do his dialogue. Five minutes later we had his line recorded. Today, Steve Yost was in and he called me to see if it was too late to record. Nope, so I recorded his line as well. The tough thing was I had to record at my desktop so there is some buzz in the background of their lines, but thankfully they only have one line apiece in this segment.

After doing some quick research and purchasing I uploaded the files to They are one of the few, easy online storage sites that allows uploads from PC and Mac. Uploaded the edited tracks, talked to Greg, he accessed them and is editing. I’ll get the divx video later to made dvds out of. No worries, I’ll upload to YouTube and MySpace when I can.

Creighton’s win today assured them second place in the MVC. Even though they are a bubble team, they have a better conference record than they did a year ago when everyone was confident in the Jays NCAA tourney chances. The MVC is so strong this year that they are cancelling each other out. While Creighton doesn’t have a signature victory like some of the other teams in the conference, they swept the third, fourth and fifth place teams in the conference. It would be difficult for any of those teams to get picked ahead of Creighton right now. Still, as I said before, the conference tourney semifinal game that Creighton is in (assuming they win their opener) will decide which second team gets into the tourney. The MVC will get two teams in. It’s just figuring out who it will be other than SIU. If three teams get in, I think Creighton has the best chance of the also-rans in the MVC.

Channel 7’s online snow prediction? 1-7 inches of snow. Wow. Thanks for that forecast. What’s the temperature going to be, 20-40 degrees?


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