I thought things would be calming down, but the opposite is true. I should just come to expect it. And, life ramping up is not because of Liam, but rather work. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Our graphic designer resigned today. No more discussions about Batman, TMNT and the Chipotle look with Brandon gone. Since I’ve started working for Nancy Fager, and in the Communications Team, there has been a complete turnover in the staff of the team. Randy now works on another team, Drew volunteers with another team, Gloria was overloaded with all she is involved with so she stopped working with the team, Melissa’s position was eliminated, and now Brandon has resigned. All in under two years. Crazy.

So how does this affect me? I’m sure the workload increases. More importantly I want to be a support to Nick and Nancy and help figure out how to fill the gaps that have opened up with Brandon’s departure.

Shifting gears a bit, there seems to be a growing uneasiness between the two worship venues. When I first arrived back in Omaha and started attending CCC the Sanctuary attenders were the ones that seemed insecure about the situation. Now, though, it seems as if it has done a 180 and more in the Access crowd are insecure about their venue. I’ve heard more random comments about the Sanctuary service and crowd than ever before, and it is from people I would think know better. I think some want to form their own church and split away. Some feel “forced” into doing things that aren’t part of the Access “vibe” and “church”. (“Forced” as in doing something that the Sanctuary service is doing as well. This allows the entire church to be on the same page, but I guess some don’t want that.) Did I miss something? One church, two venues. Granted, when your attendance is 3,100 you are going to have a variety of commentaries and perspectives on things. I just find it interesting that at the point where CCC is more open than ever before to being a multi-venue church, and soon to be a multi-site church, the crowd that should be rejoicing over this seems to have a problem with not being able to do “real church”. Look, we don’t follow Rob Bell or Erwin McManus. We follow God, we follow our leadership here, we are in a completely different environment and culture than what those two are involved with.

Are their people in the Sanctuary that wish Access could be done away with? Of course, but the number has decreased and you don’t hear the comments anymore like you use to.

Great stuff is happening at CCC. We are finally positioning ourselves for effective ministry, but that also gets the attention of the enemy. (If you believe in spiritual warfare.) We have to weather those attacks, stand firm, focus in on Jesus.

The dust is settling with Mark in position as the Lead Pastor. What happens now will be interesting. I’m excited, though. Mark has brought enthusiasm, quality and commitment to the table. If you’re not on board you’ll get left behind quickly. It’s not that Mark wants to leave anyone behind, but he has a clear path, in following God, as to where he is leading the church. He’s locked in on that.

One thing happening is the advent of a fifth service called The Gathering. It will meet Sunday afternoons at 12:30 in the Student Center. It is still taking shape, but it should be a good thing. A recent survey at the church showed this to be a time people would be interested in coming to a service. There is a need for it with venues filled to capacity, but also it’s an opportunity to have a different type of service that can be geared to reaching people that may not be comfortable at the Sanctuary or Access service.

What else? You’ll see and hear soon enough…

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