What does today hold? A Huskers football game and Rocky Balboa. As the old beer commercial said, “It doesn’t get much better than this.”

We didn’t do too much on New Year’s Eve. Well, the three of us hung out at my dad’s with my sister, brother-in-law and their three kids. That was fun. After that, when most of America was staying up late drinking champagne, we made an appearance at a friend’s party and then headed home. I didn’t feel like being out late and driving amongst drunks on the ice and snow covered roads of Omaha. I went to bed but was woken up around midnight when a ton of fireworks were going off in the neighborhood.

The past year was one of transition at work, getting everything in place and ready for what as to come. Well, the time has come. After all the hirings, restructuring, purchases, change of perspectives, redefined vision and more it will be with bated breath that I wait and see what takes place. The same can also be said of my own life. There has been change in almost every aspect of my life and 2007 will bring forth what is in the clear after the dust of 2006 settles.

The past week plus has been great. Celebrating Christmas multiple times with family, catching up with friends and family… It’s been good.

There have been some good moments. Creighton’s comeback win over Missouri State this past Saturday was phenomenal. The team was losing the 2006-07 season. Earlier in the week their starting point guard went down for a few weeks and then on Friday one of their top recruits left the program. Saturday’s game was critical mass for the team and season. Creighton had double-digit leads in both halves, but found itself down 71-59 with under five minutes to play. Somehow, they managed to claw their way back into the lead and hold off Missouri State for the victory. It was huge for the team this year and prevented them from slipping into oblivion. Losing a game after having the leads they did would have been bad, but worse with all the other bad news surrounding the team. The victory was a refresher.

In the absurdity part of life, that night my brother-in-law Jason and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Jayhawks in their basketball game. There are a ridiculous amount of tv’s there. We holed up in corner of the place and got the KU game on. For most of the time it wasn’t a problem. Late in the second half we started noticing that on a number of the other tv’s there was ultimate fighting on and that the place was filling up. Pretty soon, every other big screen tv was on ultimate fighting except for the one we were watching the KU game on. With about two minutes to go the channel changed to ultimate fighting. By this time, it is standing room only at the place and everyone in attendance is geeked for ultimate fighting. Since I don’t care all that much for KU basketball I didn’t mind leaving at that point, but Jason cared. He got the game back on, much to the consternation of people around us. One fool, clad in Duke gear, asked out loud who was watching the game. Jason, another guy and myself raised our hands. Dukie responded that the game was over. I responded that he had every other television to watch from. He backed down and no one said anything directly to us. Just comments with their backs turned to us. Nice. Anyway, the game ended and we walked out. I was expecting some sort of remark, but nothing. The ultimate fighting fans blood thirst was satiated with getting the big screen on ultimate fighting.

More later…

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