First night in the house with just the three of us. It’s nice. It’s quiet. It’s relaxing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful for those that have been with us over the past two plus weeks. They have blessed us tremendously. I got to a point, last week, where I was ready for just Jana and I to be here alone with Liam. At times it was surreal because I didn’t feel any different, being a parent, even though I knew I should. Part of it was having so many things taken care of. Maybe it will be different now since it is just Jana, Liam and myself. Jana and I are just sitting here in the living room while Liam sleeps.

People are funny when they talk about Liam. The two questions I am asked more than anything else are:

1. Are you sleeping?
2. How’s Liam?

The sleeping question is funny because we are sleeping fairly well. Some people are upset when we respond that we are sleeping. Others take on a disdainful tone and tell us to “just wait”. I really don’t understand why people would want us to have sleepless nights. Perhaps we are not getting the “full effect” of parenthood by sleeping. Whatever.

How’s Liam? Well, some ask because it is the thing to ask new parents. I can go two minutes of saying a whole lot of nothing about him. Not that I don’t like talking about him, but some ask because it is nice to ask. I really don’t feel like sharing all that much with them.

Right now Liam is making random noises in his sleep. We are laughing. He is becoming more and more alert and animated. It’s fun to interact with him a bit more. I thoroughly enjoy looking into his eyes.

I gave Jana the Nintendo Wii earlier in the evening. She loved it. Of course, the first thing she asked was if it could play Super Mario Bros. (Yes it can.) It should be a lot of fun to play.

Other random musings…

Picked up the new Beatles release “Love” and am enjoying it.

Everyone else had given Liam some clothes so I went out to Baby Gap earlier in the week and picked up some stuff. I got him a zip-up hoodie and some khaki overalls.

At the Creighton game last night. The team still does not have any cohesion on offense, but I think it will come around in time for conference play. Nate Funk does not look like an All-American or an All-Conference player. A-Train is the best player on the team right now. The new players, Ike, Lawson and Morrison have been great.

I like Nebraska over Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship game, but I am never rational when it comes to the Huskers.

Surprised that Zac Taylor ended up as the All Big 12 Quarterback and Offensive Player of the Year. Injuries to Colt McCoy and Adrian Peterson helped open the door for Zac to get those awards. Still, he had a solid season and finished strong.

The Fiesta Bowl would be great, because it means the Huskers won the conference, but part of me wants Nebraska to play Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. Why? An excuse to get back down to Arkansas and watch the game with my friend Oren.

I have been blessed by the many who have come by and visited us, brought us meals, and given gifts to Liam. Too many to even begin to thank.

More later…

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