Monday evening here at the homestead. Everyone is taking it easy, relaxing. I only slept two hours last night so I’m chillin’. I woke up because of Liam, which isn’t a big deal. The deal is trying to go back to sleep. I’ve never been big on naps. So when I wake up I stay awake. I just held Liam last night while awake. When he woke up for another feeding, close to 5:00 am, I just decided to shower and get ready for the day. Went to Wal-Mart looking for a Wii (Explained later. Wasn’t expecting them to be there, but you never know and I had nothing else to do.), hit McDonald’s up for some breakfast and was in to work at 6:00 am. I came home around 1:00 pm, did a few things, and then slept for four hours this afternoon.

Yesterday I was the only one to go to church, since it is a work day for me. Jana was exhausted from the previous day, so she stayed home and rested. Of course, Liam and Alice stayed behind as well. I took care of what I needed to and then decided to go Wii shopping. Wii (pronounced “we”) is the new game console from Nintendo. Jana and I enjoy playing Nintendo every once in awhile. I thought it might be fun to have since we will be around home more. What makes this new system interesting is that the controllers are sensitive to your arm movements. Your movement affects the game play. That sounded cool. Nintendo games are always fun and their catalog of old games is also available to play on the Wii.

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Nintendo. One of the best Christmas’ ever was when I was in sixth grade and dad surprised me with one. (Wow, that is almost twenty years ago.) That was awesome and dad was officially “World’s Greatest Dad” that day.

I didn’t think demand for the Wii would be as big as for the Playstation 3 so I thought I could show up at some retailers and snag one. I thought Nintendo would have more units available than Sony had available for the PS3. I went to Best Buy five minutes after they opened. I was in a line, relatively close to the front. You snaked past games and extra controllers, so I picked up two games and an extra controller. Only they had just sold out of consoles. Great. I purchased the games and controller because I thought I’d still be able to get a console somewhere. I then headed off to Super Target. Sold out. The Big K (as opposed to the regular K-Mart). Sold out. Game Stop at the mall, closed till noon. I left and headed to Shopko. Sold Out. A different Super Target. Sold out. A different Game Stop, which opened up at 11:00, score. I was fifth in line. A bunch of people started showing up waiting in line. We were talking about games we like, what we were looking forward to playing. We waited outside for almost thirty minutes. About five minutes before it opened the store manager put up a sign saying unless we had reserved one they were sold out. Great. Thanks for having us wait.

I didn’t bother going anywhere else to look, but I knew I wanted one. I didn’t realize the demand would be this big. When you consider the new style of gameplay and the relatively cheap cost where compared with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 I can understand the demand.

So I did the next best thing, eBay. Yesterday the cost of a console was over $500. Today I purchased one for almost the cost of a unit, with sales tax, if I had bought it yesterday at one of the stores I visited. Can’t wait for it to come.

I can now hook it up to the HDtv Jana and I won at her company’s Christmas party this past Saturday. Should be tons of fun.

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