Disjointed entry coming…

Well we head home today, all three of us. I feel good, refreshed and ready for the adventure. It’s been a whirlwind since we came in late Monday afternoon. We checked in just before 5:00 pm and he was born at 9:17 pm. Jana had less than 30 minutes of actual pushing. Halfway through the process Jana was in excruciating pain because of back labor, so she received an epidural. That helped immensely.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to seeing him born, but it wasn’t that big a deal. From some of the birthing videos I had watched in the classes I was expecting Liam to look real nasty after delivery. He wasn’t, though. He just looked like…Liam. The doc held him up, he peed all over, they asked if I wanted to cut the cord and I declined. (So they gave a drugged up, tired Jana scissors to cut the cord.)

Dad and Diane had been in the waiting area right outside the room. When they first arrived they could hear Jana through the walls. Jana had been in the whirlpool right off the main room trying to alleviate some of the back pain, but it wasn’t helping. After the epidural I went out and gave updates to Dad and Diane. A little bit later Diane was starting to ask why I hadn’t come back out and given an update. Well, Liam was on its way and I was helping Jana. Liam came, and I sent a pic message to dad’s cell phone. After 15 minutes I came out to get Dad and Diane and tell them the name. What was great was Mom and Dennis were arriving at the same time I came into the hall. I was able to tell the four of them everything at the same time and then bring them in to see Jana and Liam. It was wonderful for me to have them there at that time. I can understand more why Jana was disappointed Alice (her mom) couldn’t make it in for the birth, but she has been a great help since she arrived yesterday.

It’s still hard comprehending that this child is mine, but I love him. Something wells up inside of me every time I hold him. It’s weird. Everyone talks about how cute he is, the amount of hair, how big his feet are, but I really love his eyes. Something about them I just enjoy looking into.

I thought I might want some time alone with Jana and him, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the visitors that have come by. I’m proud of my son. I can understand the pride a parent takes in his child. So don’t worry about disturbing us, come for a visit!

So far he has been quiet and content. When he sleeps he will make this little whimpering sounds every now and then. We all think they are cute. His cry is distinct also. Jana went into the nursery to hold him after his surgery on the… you know, and Jana said she walked in and knew right away where he was because of his cry.

He does seem to do better with me holding him, which is funny. (I wasn’t that into feeling him kick or move or getting down and talking to Jana’s stomach.) I think partly this is in due to after he was born he was put in the baby warmer. Jana was getting stitched up so I was by him just talking to him and holding his hand. I’ve had more contact with him than anyone over the first 24 hours.

Tons of stories to tell about the past few days, but I’m sure they will be boring to you all and you’ll probably hear me retell them a thousand times. What can I say, I’m a proud dad of a great boy!

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