I’ve been up for over an hour and a half. Someone’s car horn was going off and woke up our side of the apartment building. I went outside to check it out and my neighbor, Ben, came as well. He made the call to 911 and there was a cop out here fairly soon. Cop called in the license plate, got the address, woke the person up whose car it was and it was all taken care of. Now I’m wide awake.

We get the keys to our house on October 16. I can’t wait. I’m just tired of the idiocy that takes places in the complex. Stuff like this, someone’s car alarm going off, gets tiring after while. Someone pulling the fire alarm, people vandalizing cars in the parking lot, people throwing rocks through apartment windows, neighbors smoking out in the halls and the smoke takes over your apartment, a crew of international guys yelling at me from across the parking lot “F— the Irish!”… I think you get the picture. Not really a place you want to raise a family.

Our new place is a palace compared to our current place. (A photo of our new place is posted in the photos section.) Over 1600 square feet, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. We have decent sized yards and trees. (A commodity out in west Omaha.) Most importantly, it will be home. This apartment has seemed like a storage unit that we live out of.

We’ll move in and start transforming the house into our home. We have furniture and “stuff” stored at a couple of locations around town. It will be fun to set up the lil’man’s room. Jana has another baby shower this weekend so we’ll get more “stuff”. Good times.

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