Yesterday was a fun day. I went to the grand opening of the new Apple store at Village Pointe. I got there about 90 minutes before the opening. By then there was already a line of close to 175 people waiting to get in. I took my spot in line and waited. No one else showed up for another 15 minutes, but then people descended upon the place and the line ballooned around the block, down to the theater and beyond. Needless to say, the opening of the store was a hit. I arrived at the perfect time. Some had camped out for the opening and others had driven hours for the big day.

About 30 minutes before the scheduled opening of the doors there arose applause from the back of the line. The staff of the store were walking by the line thanking people, high-fiving everyone, clapping for those of us waiting in line to get in. It was funny, but apprecaited by those of us waiting to get in. Part of the reason why Microsoft will never have the fanatical following that Apple does. When the first group of staff reached me I saw my friend Tim in the bunch. Tim has his dream job and is the envy of many. Not bad for a 19 year old.

The doors of the store opened early and I made my way in. The place was packed, but I was one of the first ones in the store. I was welcomed into the store by staff on either side of me clapping and screaming. Funny but cool. At first, I just wandered around the store taking in everything. It was tough maneuvering around the place, but nobody seemed to care. After taking it all in, and being amazed at the energy by the people in the store, I bought my items and headed out. The best buy was joining up with Apple’s ProCare. (Work purchase, but I get the benefit.) And, of course, I got a free t-shirt upon leaving. When I left, another person was able to enter. I got outside and everyone was looking at my purchases. I had my Apple bag slung over my back. (Nice design in the bag. It can double as a pack.) The line into the store was still as long as one could see. I don’t think anyone was expecting this for the opening of the store in Omaha.

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