It’s only been over 50 days since throwing down an entry. Finals, facilitating a trip to China, starting a new job can get in the way and make you forget about your one time blog. Oh well. I need to get back into it. I’ve said that the past few entries. What do I care since no one reads this.

It’s a beautiful day with temps around 70. I like that because I can have the windows open and it stays cool in the apartment. When it starts to get warmer I have to employ the air conditioning if I want to stay cool. The only problem with that, outside of cost, is the noise that emmanates from the ac unit. It gets the apartment cool, but is just way too loud.

I have to go to UPS, this evening, to pick up some software that wasn’t delivered to me today. It’s not necessarily the fault of UPS, although how hard is it to figure out the buzzer pad for the various apartments? The buzzer pad for my building is a bit out of kilter, lined up a bit astray, but our apartment is at the bottom of the list on the left side. Meaning that the buzzer would be on the bottom left. Nope. Who knows which buzzer Mr. UPS hit. I can usually hear other buzzers go off in other apartments, but I didn’t hear one around the time UPS supposedly came. Thank you, UPS. This is the second time this week you haven’t used the correct buzzer, and thus wasting my time by having to drive to South Omaha to pick up a package I’ve been waiting on.

Inside the package is software I need to do the job I was just hired for by the church. This will be the second attempt with the software since the first attempt came with a defective disc. That came on the heels of the software being delayed because the company was out of stock. Can’t complain too much. I did get it at educational pricing. It will be nice to finally get the software and begin laying out the publication I am doing for the church.

The wife wants to go see a movie this evening. It will be packed, so is it worth the wait to go to an early show tomorrow? Doubtful because of the holiday weekend I’m sure the theaters will be packed. I think I have only been to the theaters twice this year. I saw again Lemony Snicket and then I also saw Million Dollar Baby. There hasn’t been much out there to inspire me to the theaters. Nothing that wants me to spend $15 in tickets, not too mention food costs and dealing with other patrons who usually talk through a film and have noisy kids with them… I do want to see the new Star Wars film, but other than that I don’t know what else I’ll see. Over the past few months I’ve told myself that I wanted to go see certain films, but then I haven’t gone and seen them. I know I want to see Star Wars and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After that, it is unknown… Well, it is “wait for it on dvd”.

So far, Firefox has been a hit.

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