Poor Locke, as soon as I saw his father hooked up to dialysis I knew it wasn’t going to be good for our resident sage outdoorsman. Still, it was tough to see him getting rolled up by his biological parents for his body parts. You think that might mess with you? I can’t wait for more backstory on Locke, but that probably isn’t happening until next season. Instead, we are treated to a third backstory of Kate, in a few weeks. It better be good. Her last backstory was the weakest episode of the season, in my opinion.

So what is the island? No idea. I haven’t given much thought to it, giving into the moment, giving into the storyline. I am relieved because it appears that a spolier I read is not going to pass. Those of you who post spoiler information, without giving fair warning, frustrate me beyond belief. Anyway, I had read which character dies, so I thought, but after this past episode it would appear that it would be Boone. You would think it would be Boone, but would the creators wait till the end of the season to reveal who dies? They have shown that they will not follow past tv plot formulas, nor do they follow what you think they should. It is one of the many reasons the show is such a hit.

I also relish the idea that they are taking American Idol on with their season finale. The end is nigh for AI. It reminds me of Survivor taking on Friends. Friends may have won the ratings, but their last season was atrocious and Survivor was and is still going strong. Can’t say the same for “Must See TV” and “Joey”. If you have Tivo, Tivo AI and watch “Lost”. Besides, the season finale of AI will just be a bunch of commercials and promos put into two hours. Nothing to watch except the last two minutes of that show. Not with “Lost” where you will get two hours of original and creative storylines, which will be an event.

After Hurley’s episode which brought on an onslaught of people cherrypicking those numbers for the lottery, I wonder how many games of Mousetrap were sold since the last episode.

Be on the lookout for a steamrolled Harry Potter. Brilliant. And here is my opinion of what Boone heard on the airplane. “We’re also survivors of flight 815.”

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