Probably should be making my way to bed, but here I am sitting on the couch with my legs propped up on the makeshift coffee table we have. My cat is asleep next to me, and the light from the Mac PowerBook illuminates the apartment.

Delicious irony. So, I didn’t get the job from that organization, earlier in the year, yet they still want my services. I was hoping to put off a discussion, with them, about my services with them (which they want) until I finished this semester of school. That isn’t happening. I’ve started to initiate discussion with them, and it will reach its crescendo tomorrow. I just need answers one way or the other so I can go about my year instead of trying to read the tea leaves and guessing what might happen and then try and plan around that.

Until then…

The Celtics are now 8-1 since Antoine Walker returned to the team.

Shaq and company, well Dwyane Wade is an all-star… The Miami Heat are 50-16 now, while Kobe and the Lakers are 32-31. People can say Shaq never won a ring without Kobe, but who would you rather have to reach the NBA Finals. Speaking of which, Shaq made it to the Finals without Kobe back when he was with Orlando in 1995. To me, nothing would be funnier than Shaq getting his fourth ring, this season, while the Lakers missed the playoffs.

And, I know everyone is pimping Steve Nash, but Shaq is your MVP at this point. Still 16 -18 games left for most of the teams. Things could change.

Speaking of the NBA, I read today that NBA pseudo journalist Jim Gray got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Huh? Then again, read Roger Friedman about how much of a sham that Walk of Fame is.

Bono is starting a clothing line called “edun”. Yeah, anyway, all the U2 worshippers will be lining up to buy the gear, because it is for a worthy cause. Or, these people could just buy cheaper clothes and put the saved money to worthy causes. Or, they could not buy a seventh pair of jeans and put all that money toward worthy causes, but then how would Bono get money for his causes? I don’t fault Bono, but rather the idiotic logic that his fans use in buying U2 swag. (Trust me, I know.) The Christian sect of the U2 following will be first in line to buy Edun clothing. (Lame joke coming.) So, what do you say when they don’t have your size? I still haven’t found what I’m looking for… Uhh… sorry… It’s late… Congrats to the band for being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’m sure that just completes their life now.

To news media, I do think the world would survive if we weren’t inundated with Michael Jackson news and updates every hour on the hour.

Omaha presses on. Annexes Elkhorn and today it made an announcement of major renovations to Gene Leahy Mall in downtown. I like what they have in mind to improve the area.

I should get to bed. More later…

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