Creighton is poised to get to the second round, once again. If the Bluejays play the way they have been playing they should beat West Virginia. Wake Forest, the probable second round opponent, is another story, but the way Creighton has been playing they are going to be a difficult out for whoever plays them.

While every commentator tells of North Carolina having the most talented team, I’ll still go with Illinois at this point to win the championship. Speaking of UNC, when everyone says they are the most talented team I wonder what they are measuring. Or, is it just more ACC bias. Dukie Vitale already picked 3 ACC teams to reach the Final Four. His act is tired.

Surfing a while ago and came across a headline at Ain’t It Cool News that said “Lost” will be returning with new episodes on March 30th, two weeks earlier than originally planned. I like that. There will be four more new episodes and then another break until the two part finale. It appears that the second part of the finale will be a 90 minute episode with the last 30 minutes being commercial free. Sweet. As “24” is nearing its end “Lost” is here to take the mantle of best show on television.

Celtics are 7-1 since the return of Antoine Walker.

While grateful for the separation of Pixar, from Disney, this does mean that for the rest of mankind Disney will flood the market with Pixar knockoffs of films Pixar made for them while they were partners. Case in point, Disney is currently in preproduction with “Toy Story 3”, yet none of the Pixar people will be involved with the project. I understand that it is part of the movie business, but it is horrendous that Disney will ruin two films because of their association with this third film. I doubt the actors who provided the voices will sign on for this film, with the excpetion being Tim Allen (maybe). I hope this Disney project bombs and that they decide not to destroy the legacy of these films Pixar provided for them. Unfortunately, knowing Disney I can expect 5 “The Incredibles” spin-off, straight to dvd releases within the next 10-15 years. Thank goodness Pixar is out from that contract and can soon be in control of all their ideas and creations. And, thank goodness “The Incredibles” comes out on dvd tomorrow! (Favorite movie of last year.)

I was doing some studying in the commons, before class, this morning. The television was on NBC’s Today, so of course I wasn’t paying attention. They had some “exclusive” interview with the hostage that helped catch the Atlanta fugitive, Brian Nichols. (Those morning show interviews are never exclusive. Just click to another morning show after the interview is done to see it again, only conducted by another “journalist”.) What caught my attention, though, is when I heard that the hostage had read some of “The Purpose Driven Life” to Brian Nichols in hopes of getting him to not hurt her. He didn’t, said that she was an angel sent from God to him, and he ultimately let her go free and turned himself in. Amazing.

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