An odd day. By 7:30, this evening, my wife and I were fairly tired. However, we really hadn’t done much of anything. We made a roundtrip trek to and from Stromsburg, which took almost 8 hours of the day. What’s in Stromsburg? The dentist we go to. Why go all the way out there? He’s a friend and afterward we were treated to lunch and wonderful conversation by he and his wife. Good times. When we returned it was off to my dad and stepmom’s for dinner and more time with the niece and nephew. It wasn’t that taxing, but when we pulled away at 7:30 the day felt much later than it was. I’m now lounging on the couch writing this while my wife works on some scrapbook stuff.

Continuing to read “Born Fighting”. After writing yesterday’s comment about the book, on this blog, I realized that the reason I’ve been confused with the story of the Irish history is because the Irish history is chaos, shifting, and always thrusting forward. It’s hard to get a grasp on it because the people don’t sit still. From this book’s perspective, you realize how much the Scots-Irish shaped America. Gotta love that. All because of the Scotti tribe from Ireland.

The real bracket buster games have been happening lately, the conference tournaments. Looking forward to the seeding of the NCAA tournament to see who Creighton plays. I think they get a 9 seed. I don’t think Nebraska could beat anyone in the tournament field, except for the (soon to be) 16 seed that went 12-18 and then won their conference tournament. Then again, never underestimate NU.

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