The wanderer, this is what I must be since in describing my current state, a mi madrastra, she replied with the example of the Hebrews, in Exodus, when they were wandering for 40 years wondering what God was doing. So, I am the wanderer. Now I can listen to the Johnny Cash-U2 hybrid infinite amounts of times.

I’m sitting on the couch, with the cat asleep (like usual) next to me. I haven’t really gone out of my to talk to anyone in a long time. Unless it is a family thing or church related function, I am with my wife or by myself. I am not trying to garner pity, just shedding light on what has been happening. Until I come out of my self-imposed social disorder, here are some thoughts while hopping I get back into gear.

The full-length trailer for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith looks promising. After years of waiting, this appears to be the film to for Star Wars aficionados all over the world. While delusional during the release of Episode I, looking back on the last two Star Wars films have been deflating. I hope this film will balance out Episode I and II. If not, we’ll all just pretend the first three episodes didn’t happen.

Welcome back, Antoine Walker.

Dan Allender is one of the best speakers I have ever heard.

“The Motorcycle Diaries” is an incredible film, but I wonder about the accuracy of it. I went to the bookstore and flipped through the book it is based off of and didn’t see some of the stuff, in print, that was in the film. Will have to do some more research. It would be a shame because the film is good and it would seem then that the producers were trying to paint an inaccurate picture of Che Guevara as a idealistic, tragic hero.

It supposedly is still winter, but I think fall just merged into spring. Omaha just had the one major snowfall in early January. Other than that, nothing.

Reading “Born Fighting” and it is a narrative about the Irish-Scots history in America. I’m not sure what to make of it 100 pages in. It gives a great history of the culture and spirit of the Irish-Scots, but I sometimes find myself getting lost amongst all the litany of names, places, denominations, dates, and more.

Heading overseas in a few weeks and I can’t wait. I wish it were tomorrow that I was going.

NU seems satisfied with the status quo in basketball, which is why Creighton passed them as my favorite team years ago. For as nice a guy Barry Collier is, from what I am told by every local sports commentator, he wouldn’t have a job if he were at a 90% of the other schools in the major and mid-major conferences. I’m glad Omaha has Creighton basketball. It’s nice to support a winner, and a team, and solid players, and a great coach, and…

I wish one of the local bookstores had free wifi.

Enough randomness for now. Hopefully more coherency later.

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