Sorry about the lack of updates. One thing I am realizing about having a blog is that it is tedious work to not only update it, but to write things worth reading. I’m still trying to figure out where I want to go with it. Until then, I’ll just keep writing whatever, and seeing if it evolves on its own. Quick hit thoughts…

While it was great to have a new episode of Lost, last night, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. The amnesia angle seems lame, and I think the death of Ethan Rom is a bit of a cop out, but it was nice to see the camp come together for Claire’s benefit. Good guy in disguise, Sawyer, was even a part of the proceedings. I am slightly surprised that Ethan, who before his capture and death, had been efficient in his attacks. The guy hauled off two people, strung Charlie up off the ground, fought Jack off with ease, used the ocean to kill one of the camp, and then he gets beat down by Jack? Whatever. I guess the adrenaline was flowing with Jack when he merciliessly beat up Ethan.

I was surprised to see that Claire was still pregnant, but it makes clear that her impending birth will be an episode unto its own. (Season finale?)

Sawyer gets his second episode, next week, and a showdown with Jack. I’m sure there will be some explanation as to why he was fighting with police when Boone was in the police station. Or, Jack and him will come out of it best friends. Who knows. After that it will be an episode with Jin. (My wife thinks he speaks English as well. Just hasn’t shown it yet.) From last night’s episode I would think it might have something to do with a child. Then, we get Hurley. I hope that episode is good. After Hurley, we get new episodes on Jack, Sayid, Locke, Kate (again unfortunately) and two more unknown episodes. I’m betting one of them will deal with Claire, obviously, because of her pregnancy. What the other will be remains to be seen.

Charlie’s flashback, last night, was good. The best part for me was the comedy. Him struggling with the presentation of the copier, and the reference to the BBC show The Office. I was glad that the conflict between Charlie and Claire lightened by the end of the episode.

Nine episodes to go, and unfortunately they will probably be strung out through May sweeps. Oh well. When the season does end the season 1 dvd set will be available. Rumor has it that there will be a ton of deleted scenes and even a mini movie which goes into more detail of the plane crash.

More later from Crane…

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