While most of the shows, recently, have been repeats, there was a new episode of Smallville on last night. (I was wrong about a new episode of Lost, but it returns next week.) With Smallville, I’m tired of any storyline with Lana. The writers don’t seem to have a plan with her character, and the character of Jason Teague is a waste. Whatever is going on there needs to be written out. If Jason returns for season 5, if there is a season 5, I will be surprised. Unfortunately, I don’t think the producers would have the cajones to write out Lana, or improve her character to where she isn’t just there for sexual purposes.

That being said, I thought the episode was solid. One of the better episodes of season 4 because we were able to empathize with Clark. It was abundantly clear why Clark does not reveal his secret, and this was made clear to Chloe when she witnessed some of Clark’s powers. It amuses me that after everyone in the town was wrong about Alicia Baker, Chloe is the only one who comes close to an apology, toward Clark, and that is only because of her seeing his powers. Tis a shame that the character of Alicia appears to be written out, because she was one of the better complimentary characters. Her storylines always brought out a side of Clark loneliness we didn’t see often.

Did anyone else think that when Clark found Alicia dead he was going to do his best Superman movie impersonation and try and reverse time to stop her death?

Hopefully more will be done with Chloe’s character, now that she knows part of the secret, because she was always a plus with the show. Get rid of the idiotic Lana-Jason relationship and get back to the development of the Superman mythos, the maturation of Clark Kent. Get back to the core characters and how they fit in with the mythos. Who knows, I’m a novice when it comes to Superman lore, so there could be Superman junkies out there who like the recent developments in Smallville. I doubt it, though.

All in all, the past two episodes have been good. Let’s hope the rest of the season builds off it.

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