For some reason I just got sleepy. I’m relaxing in a padded chair at Crane. Just finished up some journaling and work on a story I’ve been developing for quite awhile. The laptops are out in full effect. Here in the main area there are three Mac laptops (including my own). It’s a takeover.

With the first storyarc now transitioning into the second, 24 moves full steam ahead. My wife couldn’t believe I predicted the reappearance of Tony, but with 24 you come to expect the impossible. While the show continues to invigorate, I don’t know of a more obvious mole than Marianne. Incompetence and a double agent, but at least Edgar and Curtis are having some time to shine in their roles more and more. Audrey’s “husband” Paul is a twit, and I’m not sure why he’s there yet. I’m sure some storyline will be cooked up to add tension. Now we know why Driscoll’s daughter was at CTU, so the child’s allergic reaction could “ratchet up” the drama within CTU. (Yeah right.) What will Paul do? Kill Audrey or Jack at the end of the season? Who knows.

Of course Behrooz’s mom didn’t turn him over to his father, but what will happen with them? They’ll probably end up at CTU and Behrooz will run into his buddy, Heller’s son. Speaking of which, the Ashton Kutcher lookalike had a weak ending to his character. I’m left wondering if the storyline of his torture was just a subtle jab at the current Defense Department. Rough estimate, Jack has killed close to 20 people in the last two episodes. I mean, in the last 2 hours. And a nuclear holocaust is in the works despite the best efforts of Edgar. Just another typical day with Jack Bauer.

Did you ever watch the Ben Stiller Show back in the day? One of the sketches was a parody of Die Hard in which they were showing a teaser of the next Die Hard film, Die Hard 12 (I think) Die Hungry. It was Stiller, as McClain, trying to solve a robbery at a grocery store, or something, and all the while making fun of movies that make sequels with no apparent plot or storyline but the production is made because of past success. I think of that when thinking of possible future seasons of 24. The show is great, but there will come a point when it becomes ridiculous. Hopefully the producers pull the plug before we are dealt with Jack Bauer going through a day of parent-teacher conferences.

Then again, they haven’t sold out like Alias. I am probably in the minority, upon reading online articles, but count me as one of the few who is not impressed with Alias adopting the CSI and Law & Order format of having one episode stories. Why don’t they revisit Rambaldi? (What a letdown that was if the show never goes back to it.) Irina, who is supposedly dead but I still don’t buy it, now brings to mind Laura Palmer in the absurdity a show will go to in order to milk a storyline. I don’t know. The show is still brain candy, and I like seeing episodes rip-off X-Files like Alias did last week with Sydney and Vaugh’s trip to the suburbs. (X-Files was also ripped-off by NBC”s Medical Investigation last Friday. Remember the episode Ice from the first season? First time I watched Medical Investigation, and probably the last.) I should say that the Alias episode two weeks ago was great, in my opinion. Sydney was not that forefront and I thought Vaughn was great in his act as a priest. (Of course, when Vaughn was captured late in the episode I wondered aloud how these super spys can become so inept at the right moment for the bad guy, but then later escape because of “monolouging” by the enemy. Lovely.) Blah, blah, blah…

A new episode of Lost doesn’t drop till next week. Bummer. I’ll be meandering through life, and the fog, tomorrow with nothing to look forward to that evening…

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