Sorry for the few days of not posting. It’s been an up and down couple of days. I was reeling, for awhile, in the aftermath of not getting the job I applied for. This past Saturday I seemed to finally break on through, though. Amazingly, the catalyst for the good times was dropping an English Composition class I am taking currently. The professor and I were at odds for what my research subject should be. I dropped the class, online, and felt great. Hasn’t ceased since.

After watching an episode of Desperate Housewives I realize I was duped by the promos and the antagonists. Smart, witty writing and great timing on the acting. Already surpasses Alias in my mind, but that isn’t too hard to do.

CBS’ new show Numb3rs is solid, but it didn’t seem to have too much life in it. Maybe I was subliminally hypnotized to watch the show after watching 5000 promos for it.

Crane Coffee has become a staple for me, with their wireless internet and atmosphere. Not as loud and hectic as Panera Bread, and just a much more relaxed and cool vibe. I’m sitting at the window looking out on Cass right now.

Dad turned 60 over the weekend and we celebrated by having an open house. Great to see so many people come through to honor him, and my stepmom limited the number of invited because there wouldn’t be enough room. there was barely enough room with the slimmed down list. (Happy Birthday, again, Dad.)

More later…

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