Omaha gets hit with over 14 inches of snow and people here go about their business. NYC gets some snow and everyone goes beserk. Part of it was the hype before the storm, with Drudge Report predicting over 20 inches of snow fall before it came. Wind chills being 50 below zero. Every national news program is leading off with it. People saying it is the first major snowstorm of the year. WOWT weatherman Jeff Jensen said it best last night, “I guess they forgot about Omaha’s snowstorm. Where were all of our news reports?” Nothing like a sarcastic weatherman with a chip on his shoulder.

Did NYC get 20 inches? It doesn’t appear that way, but to justify the hype they say the city got amounts up to 20 inches. Sure, where the plows packed it up to that in areas, or where the wind drifts made it 20 inches, but they did not get 20 inches. The best part was NBC Today’s Sunday crew talking about all the snow and they go to a live shot of their weatherman in Central Park. He does a reading of undisturbed snow in the park. 9 inches, he says. Really, NYC, how do you survive? Gosh, it must have been so tough to make it through that snowstorm of 9 inches! And really the visibility was so poor. At least, that is what the newscasters were saying, but you could see a long way into the distance behind them.

I’m sure the people of NYC are not like these media types, and I’m sure the media troll the sidewalks looking for that one New Yorker to give them the soundbite they want. The one I heard went something like, “Yeah, it’s a lot of snow, but the people of NYC responded like New Yorkers.” Whatever “responding like New Yorkers” means. Hopefully it has nothing to do with the New York Yankees choke job in the ALCS.

It’s like any time NYC gets some flurries the news is forced down the rest of the nation’s throat. The best part is hearing then how the city will survive and the rest of the nation can call them wimps for making a big deal out of some flurries. Or, the best part is having a bitter weatherman ready to throw down with someone because no one made any story out of Omaha’s snowstorm or the cold temperatures we had the night before.

Whatever. The city is responding like Omahans do…

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