The temperature is in the forties (42 degrees to be precise), but it feels like it is in the sixties or seventies. The sun is out and it is nice. The only downside is with all the snow melting your car gets sprayed when you are drving. You can see the windshield wiper outlines on every car driving.

I’m currently at Crane Coffee after a horrendous trek at school. I was using their computers to do some posting because they operate on Win XP Professional. Supposedly, you are able to do more html editing with IE on a Win XP OS. You are suppose to, but I was having all sorts of problems posting. So, I’m back to using Safari via my Mac. Can’t go wrong, although when I am doing it through wifi there are some fluidity problems. I’ll deal with it. It is nice to get out of the apartment. Not to mention enjoy a Raspberry Rapids.

On to last night’s episode of Lost. After having developed an aversion to Michael, I am swayed to compassion for him. Him being a true gentleman and father at heart reall shined throughout the episode. Of course, the previous episode when Michael found that box we now know why he was so moved at its finding. Unfortunately, it happens too frequently where a parent will shut out the other parent from their child.

Poor Michael, he was always acquiescing to the demands of his girlfriend, in efforts to keep the family, that he did not see he was getting played. It is a bit more understandable why he is defensive toward Locke being a father figure to Walt, but also easy to see why Walt was gravitating toward Locke. Walt never had any father figure in his life, never had anyone give him the time of day. So, he is receiving that from Locke. Michael tries to give it to him, but it is easy to see why it difficult for him to provide relationship to Walt. He is having to suddenly transition into being a dad, again, and having his baby be 10 insteady of a baby. Hopefully Michael can be friendlier to Locke, now, in light of Locke spearheading Walt’s rescue from the polar bear. It will be good for Michael to relax and not have Walt being forced to choose between his two favorite people on the island.

As far as Walt, I’m not sure what to read into the inferences that strange things happen when he is around. What, is he a mudblood? He is the one that conjured the polar bear? Okay… I’m sure it will all make sense, somewhere down the road. But if he did, wouldn’t Ethan “other man” Rom want him also? And, it was nice to have a Claire sighting, although she looked like hell. The show producers purposefully kept the lighting dark so the viewer couldn’t tell about whether or not she was pregnant, but I am guessing she isn’t anymore. I’m sure she is happy that the camp did nothing to look for her after Jack got beat up by Ethan. At least Charlie didn’t forget about her. (The scene with him debating whether or not to go through Claire’s diary was great.) Charlie showed some concern and now we have another clue, the black rock. Piece that together with everything else and you get… I don’t know.

The episode was one of the better episodes. I think it had more emotional pull than of any of the others. It ranks up there with Locke and Charlie’s episode.

Now, all the major characters have had their initial backstory told, except for Hurley. Unfortunately, online banter has that episode being a few weeks away. In the meantime we get a second episode for Sawyer and Charlie, which is fine, but another episode which remains unknown at its content. I would love to see another one for Locke. I know the producers want to shove Jack and Kate down our throat, but thankfully they didn’t that much last night. Kate is not that intriguing of a character, yet we have had two episodes of her. I would love to see another episode on Locke because he has become one of the key characters to the story, if not the central one.

Oh yeah, props to Boone for his interaction with Shannon. He obviously has no problem with being disconnected from her and her manipulative means. I guess Boone is a captain in Locke’s mafia now.

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