Another thing to pick me up today is that a new episode of Lost is on this evening. The episode is suppose to deal with Michael and Walt, which should be good. It will also be interesting to see any developments with Locke and Boone regarding the metal “thing” they discovered. Also, within the promos we have another polar bear sighting, so that should be good. Nothing like rampaging polar bears on a tropical island.

Last week’s episode was predictable, but not as much as the previous week’s episode with Kate. I guessed on Shannon swindling Boone and that the two of them had some sort of physical relationship in the past, but the development with Boone and the hallucination was great. I did not see that coming. I thought Shannon was dead, and I thought it was great for the story, but the peyote induced hallucination was great to. Locke is the wizened sage of the group, the jedi master of sorts. I wonder who he is going to try and help next. He already has two “believers” in Charlie and Boone. Will Michael be next?

I think many of us could understand Boone’s answer of “relieved” to Locke’s question of how he felt when he thought he realized Shannon was dead. It will be interesting to see the changes in his character.

Also, the cameo of Sawyer in Boone’s backstory was nice. It probably is setting up his second episode of the season. Similar to Jack’s first episode when they showed Jin, alone, in line behind him at the airport.

Tune in to find out more this evening…

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