As expected, with last night’s episode of 24, Jack was detained by the police about as long as Ashlee Simpson was relevant. He was back on the road chasing the suspect before the opening credits had finished. Yeah, whatever. Nice cliffhanger. Next we have Chloe being unceremoniously fired… I mean, we have Chloe resigning from CTU. So now we are left with a crack staff of numskulls, with Curtis being the only exception, at CTU. This can only end badly. One can only wonder what will happen with Driscoll’s daughter when she somehow finds a way to escape the medical observation room she is in and creates havoc in CTU. She is in the story for a reason, but then again we thought the same with the cougar from two seasons ago.

The best thing going for 24, besides Jack, is the Araz family. Cold and lethal, but it is nice to see that motherly touch from Behrooz’s mom. She kills his girlfriend, then shoots her, but hands the gun back to Behrooz to hold for dad to see when he walks in. Mom wanting son to look his best.

Now, we have a missle on the way getting ready to strike the area Jack is in. Just a hunch, but I think the missle would have a fairly good radius of destruction, so it will be fun to see how the writers get Jack in and out of the bunker without being killed. What is the over/under on the amount of people who die in next week’s episode. 20?

The Secretary of State first is stalwart in the face of the terrorists, tells his daughter not to give up hope. In this episode he is asking his own daughter to kill him. Great job dad. One can only wonder what the terrorists would do to his daughter if she did carry through with his plea. I don’t see him making it through next week’s episode, but I could be wrong. I didn’t think Michelle Dessler would make it through being contaminated by the virus, but she did.

I’m looking forward to Jack going Rambo on the bunker the terrorists are in. Still waiting for Tony to make an appearance, along with former President Palmer.

I do think Chloe’s next job should be motivational speaker. Kind of a lame exit to her character, but I don’t think anyone really cares.

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