When I checked the temperature this morning, at around 6:20, it was 17 degrees. This was also verified while listening to KKAR while waiting for the car to warm up. Forty minutes later, the temperature had dropped to 9 degrees. Wind chills were already in the double digits below zero. The freezing rain and snow that was forecasted for yesterday never came.

When it comes to watching my favorite television shows I do not like to be distracted. I am almost fanatical about it, not wanting to be bothered unless it is an absolute emergency. I don’t take phone calls, my wife knows to wait till commercial break to ask me a question… It can sometimes be sad, on my part. I say all that to preface this, I allowed myself to be distracted during Alias last night. Why? I just don’t care for the show quite like I use to. I took phone calls from people during the show because Alias’ storyline seems to be morphing straight out of a soap opera. Plus, if I wanted to watch season 1 or 2 I would watch season 1 or 2.

Granted, I liked the opening with APO members in another character as they were stealing some information. Again, Marshall steals the show, although the dialogue between Dixon and Vaughn was funny. But do I really care about some thief? No. That whole episode seemed to serve the purpose of Nadia believing she killed her mother’s murderer. (I am still not convinced that Irina is dead.) Sydney is upset at her dad for allowing Nadia to believe a lie and whatever good will they had built up over the past three seasons seems gone. Then again, Sydney is not someone I find myself cheering for anymore. I don’t root against her, but I am not for her. She seems to hate life and work, and this being after the ABC promos about her being able to become her own woman now. Yeah, maybe it will develop in later episodes, but so far I’m not down with season 4.

The high points coming out of the show were Marshall and his character schtick in the opener, his messing around with the faux car wreck, and him yelling at Vaughn to shuttup. What else… I guess Weiss being a member of APO, now, is nice, but it just seems a bit too contrived. I like his character so it will be good to see more of him. Other than that, the show came across as a waste.

Who knows what endgame Sloane is planning, or Jack for that matter. I wonder if they are trying to make Jack into the Sloane from seasons 1 and 2, an enemy of the state.

I don’t believe Irina is dead because Jack was in contact with her at various points last season. Irina’s death would also have been a highly advertised episode. I believe Jack and Sloane know she is alive. Of course, when Sydney finds out she’ll probably try to take out her dad and Sloane and Nadia will defend them. Sydney will probably end up killing Nadia.


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