After skating through December, the Omaha metro area is getting slapped around with winter weather in January. Snow last week, cold weather since, and now we are getting freezing drizzle. During the night it is suppose to turn into freezing rain, which is suppose to last till the afternoon. Then, we are suppose to get another inch or two of snow. Good times. Hopefully school will be called tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to the morning commute out to Elkhorn tomorrow.

After the ice and snow we get over the next 24 hours a cold spell will hit the area. High temperatures will be below the average low temperature. Should be fun. I stocked up on power steering fluid, since the leak I have with it is more pronounced in colder temperatures.

Picked up some new hardware and software for my Mac today. I bought the AirPort Extreme Card and Microsoft Office for Mac: Student Edition. The card will be nice because of the increase of internet hot spots around Omaha. Metro-Elkhorn just had wireless internet installed in the commons. Buying Microsoft Office for a Mac? Hypocrisy, right? Well, for now it is a necessary “evil”. Actually, their office suite is not that bad. Just their operating systems. I’ve taken classes in Office XP, so it makes sense to utilize software I know well. Plus, most people and companies use the same software.

One new piece of software bundled with the Microsoft Office Suite was Entourage. It is similar to Outlook, but it seems better. Of course, it is up to date. It is laid out well and seems much more user-friendly than Outlook. I played around with it today a bit.

Other than that, just started the book Faithful. It is a journal of the 2004 Boston Red Sox season that was kept by Stephen King and Stewart O’Nan. Right now I am in March where both guys are at Spring Training Games. I hope it is a good read.

Drive safe. Keep praying for those affected by the Tsunami and the California mudslides.

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