Four episodes into the fourth season of 24 and here are a few quick hits:

CTU Los Angeles is a sideshow, a soap opera, a waste of time. When Chloe is your best personnel at work, you have problems.

The character of Dina Araz is one of the best characters in the series already. It is obvious why Shohreh Aghdashloo was nominated for an Oscar recently.

The death toll after four episodes is closing in on 50.

Chloe bringing up Kim and Chase was nice, but I’m wondering when they are going to work in Tony or former President Palmer.

The John McCain look-a-like as Secretary of Defense is believable. He already has the best line of the season. “Spare me your sixth grade Michael Moore logic.”

Will Behrooz be the first to switch sides, with his mother having just killed his girlfriend, or the CTU staffer who does everything Driscoll says? I would have remembered her name if I would have cared about anyone at CTU.

Lame cliffhanger at the end of the fourth hour. How long will Jack be in custody, five minutes? Please.

And I cannot stress it enough, who are these idiots at CTU? Jack is not only fighting the terrorists, but CTU’s incompetency. Driscoll now has a daughter with schizophrenia and she is… you know what? Never mind… The CTU characters are doing nothing for me except wishing for Tony, Michelle, Nina, and George (Who should have won awards for his character’s portrayal in season 2.). Maybe Curtis will turn out okay, and who knows with Chloe. At least she has been helping Jack while every one else twiddles their thumbs.

At least with season two and three you had some holdovers from the previous season(s). It is going to take awhile to get acquainted with this new cast, and to Chloe. Until then, let Jack hold up gas stations, shoot people in the leg during interrogations, and talk smack to the person that fired him. I know he has a hacksaw ready.

Still, what was in the suitcase from the first episode?

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