The new season of 24 starts and by the end of the first hour we have roughly 40 people dead. Two more are killed in hour number two. Nothing has changed with that aspect of the show, but it is a bit disconcerting that the most competent person working at CTU is Chloe. Yes folks, these are the people fighting on your behalf. A bunch of idiots. The head of field ops has already gotten himself killed, Jack is bypassing security at will at CTU headquarters, and the Secretary of Defense is a hostage within his own country. Bang up job that Driscoll is doing.

Of course the opening two hours are excellent, but I don’t know if anything will top the season 4 prequel that came with the season 3 dvd set. In the prequel we get Jack dropping an f-bomb. Surprising, hilarious, and completely in character. We’ve had a plane blown up, a nuclear bomb detonated, a coup on the President, a guy’s head sawed off, but I don’t know if I can handle an f-bomb coming from Jack’s mouth. (saracasm) The behind the scenes stuff has got some swearing. I guess since they can’t do it on television they save it all for dvd. Whatever.

Had a great weekend in Arkansas. It was good to catch up with some friends, watched plenty of football and basketball, found out where I stood academically, and got to hand out a few late Christmas gifts. Excellent couple of days. Temperatures close to sixty degrees, compared with temps below freezing in Omaha. Omaha is suppose to get freezing rain this evening. Stellar. With packed snow everywhere, ice should only add to the “fun”.

Started up second semester, this morning, at 8:00 with Spanish. Necessary for my degree, but the professor makes it fun and challenging.

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